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What is the age range for participants?

17-55 years old

How long do I need to be able to speak Arabic?

You will be able to communicate with Arabic speakers by the end of the first step; (General Basic Arabic Program). You will also improve your skills further with each course after you take after the first level.

What is the outline of your courses?

Kindly follow this link

What happens when I miss a class?

You may need to take catch-up class/ classes depending on the number of hours you missed. The center offers a 20% discount on catch-up classes.

Can I reschedule my class timings after I start?

If you are enrolled in a group course, you will need to wait until the end of the course before you can choose a new schedule. However, private classes can always be rescheduled with a 24-hour email notification of the change.

Do your teachers speak English/ other languages in the class for explanation?

Our programs have been designed in an interactive and modern way that eliminates the need of a medium language; there are plenty of audio-visual aids that will help learners figure out the meaning of the word/ phrase or sentence without the need for translation. All our programs employ modern education theories in teaching a second language.

All our teachers have good English skills. However, they will try, as much as possible, to avoid using any language other than Arabic.

What dialect/ dialects do you teach?

In The Mother Tongue Center, we teach the Modern Standard Arabic which is close to the spoken Arabic in the everyday life. It is also the most understandable accent in all Arabic countries unlike informal dialects that are understood in a place rather than another. The Modern Standard Arabic is the language of the Media in general and it is the written language in all Arabic countries.

Will receive a certificate at the completion of the course?

We give certificates for those who have passed the exam. We also provide attendance reports.

Do you have special courses for women?

Our normal courses are unisex but we can arrange a course for women only if there were 4 women or more interested in such course.

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