Arabic Curricula

Arabic-teacherThe Mother Tongue Center sought to compose curricula in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. This mission was assigned to a group of academic specialists with a long experience in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers and the composition of its curricula in Arabic countries and worldwide.

The first step was to compose a series that paves the way to learners of Arabic. For this purpose, The Mother Tongue Center formed scientific committees to set up the method of this series and to choose its vocabulary as well as the supervision, follow up, coordination, composition, revision, and auditing of the series. These committees also worked on studies and researches related to teaching Arabic as a second language whatever the second language was. The results of these researches and studies have been verified, tested and compared to make the maximum use of the results in the development of our curricula in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers and to be always updated with the most modern researches and studies in the field of teaching Arabic as a second language. These researches and studies helped to make our curricula a quantum leap in the field of the programs of teaching Arabic as a second language.

Through the composition of Al-kitab Al-tamhidi and Al-lisan series, our team of specialists has set the linguistic structure of the series according to the linguistic needs of learners. The team has selected and edited texts and dialogues for training purposes and prepared the suitable linguistic exercises, forming appropriate samples for the special exercises dealing with pronunciation difficulties. Our team selected illustrative pictures and drawings derived from the realistic Arab environment. The team also edited and recorded audible texts and dialogues to come out with a fine direction for the series. The outline of the series has been structured in a typical and practical way to make the series informative, flexible, and easy to use.

Abu Dhabi

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