How Knowing Arabic Can Promote Intercultural Understanding

The most difficult thing to witness in our world today, is the misunderstandings towards the Arab nations from around the world. There are many people who, because of having such a limited view of the true Arabic culture, and obtaining a lot of their information from the media, experience negative stereotyping and mistrust towards the Arab people.

The best way to create positive change and create more intercultural understanding between such different nations, is by having a knowledge of the language that the Arab nations speak… Arabic.

Not only will knowing Arabic open doors for a deeper understanding in religious values, politics, culture and traditions but it will create peace and less distance between the western world and the Arab nations. Places like the Arabian Gulf regions, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia among others will benefit tremendously as they have so many different nationalities from all over the world-UAE has been named as one of the top vibrant countries that has more than 190 nationalities living and/or working there.

Martin Luther King Jr once said that “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” His words hold so much truth and it’s time now do what we can to enable peace between countries. Change starts within you. Learning a language that can create peace is where you can start.

Learning Arabic can give you the opportunity to not only create peace but can also help bridge the gap of misunderstandings by giving you the role of a liaison between nations. You can use your Arabic language skills to assist in problem solving and building trust on various levels with Arabs.