Summer Intensive Arabic Program

Program Details

Place Cairo – Egypt
Duration 6 weeks
Starting Thursday – 1st of July 2021
Ending Sunday – 11th of August 2021
Registration fee USD 50 (Test – Book –E-account – Certificate)
Hours of Course 150 hours
Daily studying hours 5 hours (Each hour includes 10 minutes break )
Activity Leisure activities and trips to popular tourist attractions & historical sites with extra fees
Program Cost USD 950 excluded airfare tickets and accommodation



  • The cost of the Summer Arabic program in Cairo excludes airfare tickets, accommodation and registration fees.
  • No minimum student requirement (classes will accommodate any number of learners, even one).
  • Classes include advanced learning equipment.
  • More than 40% of classes will be concentrated on improving conversational skills.
  • Studying consists of 5 hours per day, 5 days per week divided as follows:


Duration   Subject
2 hours General Arabic
1 hour Conversation
1 hour Quran and Tajweed or Cerography


  • Accommodation cost per person ranges from USD 850 to USD 900 for the whole program.
  • You can enjoy 2 tourism trips in Egypt for only USD 50 per trip
  • Student could expand his studying after 11th of August with cost of USD 125 per week for classes.
  • There are special prices for groups.

Program outcomes


By the end of the Summer Intensive Program, learners should be able to:

  • Distinguish similar Arabic sounds and words.
  • Read and write.
  • Compose simple and compound sentences.
  • Understand and answer questions.
  • Use different types of interrogative sentences.
  • Comprehend and use Arabic both in writing and speaking in all everyday life situations.
  • Communicate with Arabs in an acceptable way.
  • Have an approach on the Arabs culture.
  • Make simple correspondences using general Arabic.


Abu Dhabi

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