About The Mother Tongue Center


To Show the beauty of Arabic Language and the splendor of its eloquence and the joy of learning and teaching this language (in theory and application)



improve the process of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers and all its elements through teachers’ training and the composition of modern curricula as well as the deployment of new educational tools and modern technology.


  • Provide a variety of effective Arabic programs and courses to cover the needs of learners of all interests.
  • Prepare different curricula in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers at all specializations and interests.
  • Prepare supportive materials for learners of Arabic as a second language.
  • Prepare visual and audible materials to help learners master Arabic in a shorter time.
  • Use modern technology in the equation process which helps in the success of both learners and teachers.
  • Train teachers of Arabic as a second language and improve their skills to prepare them to deal with people from all backgrounds.
  • Communicate and cooperate with all authorities concerned in teaching Arabic as a second language.

Abu Dhabi

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