Quran and Tajweed

Whether you dream of memorizing the Quran ( Hifz ), or part thereof, or you simply want to learn how to recite Quran properly (Tilawwah & Tajweed), the Mother Tongue Center provides you with the chance to study the Holy Quran at your own home over the internet or at our office with qualified Quran tutors graduated from Al Azhar University.

Arabic for Everyday Program

The General Arabic Course improves your four skills of learning a language (listening, speaking, reading and writing). It allows you to understand spoken and written language and use the language fluently.

Learn Arabic online

Learning online has become easier and more joyful. Keep safe and start the journey of learning Arabic with the Mother Tongue Center. We provide you with an interactive curriculum, highly qualified teachers, and the latest methods of teaching Arabic

    Facts and Figures


    Teaching hours have been conducted in our center


    Teaching hours at the client’s venue in the United Arab Emirates


    Teaching hours of private classes


    Registered students coming from 90+ different countries


    Prestigious Clients were professional served including 15+ Embassies & Consulates


    Overall student satisfaction rate


    Arabic learning books were sold worldwide


    Hours were designed to teach Arabic by Al Lisan Series (9 books)

    Abu Dhabi

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