About The Mother Tongue Center

The Mother Tongue Center was established in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2005 as a specialized center in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. The center aims at raising the standards of teaching Arabic to a professional academic level.

One of the things that make The Mother Tongue Center a unique center is that it is specialized only in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. The center also includes a language laboratory for the composition and development of curricula in teaching Arabic for all the needs and with high international academic standards. This laboratory is under the supervision of senior professors in the field of Arabic language. Moreover, The Mother Tongue Center employs well-qualified tutors with a long experience in this field and who undergo excellent training courses on a regular basis.

In The Mother Tongue Center, we teach the Modern Standard Arabic as it is the appropriate language for business, media, correspondence, and the everyday life. It is also the most understandable accent in all Arabic countries and among all speakers of Arabic.


The Mother Tongue Center employs the most modern visual and audible equipment to make the learning process more interactive, interesting and useful. We care about the quality of our services to make it the greatest promotion for us, as we believe it is the key to excellence and development.


To Show the beauty of Arabic Language and the splendor of its eloquence and the joy of learning and teaching this language (in theory and application)


improve the process of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers and all its elements through teachers’ training and the composition of modern curricula as well as the deployment of new educational tools and modern technology.



  • Provide a variety of effective Arabic programs and courses to cover the needs of learners of all interests.
  • Prepare different curricula in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers at all specializations and interests.
  • Prepare supportive materials for learners of Arabic as a second language.
  • Prepare visual and audible materials to help learners master Arabic in a shorter time.
  • Use modern technology in the equation process which helps in the success of both learners and teachers.
  • Train teachers of Arabic as a second language and improve their skills to prepare them to deal with people from all backgrounds.
  • Communicate and cooperate with all authorities concerned in teaching Arabic as a second language.


Our Team

All our teachers are native speakers, the thing that helps learners to acquire a proper dialect, a clear pronunciation and a quick understanding of what the learner hears in addition to the fluency in conversation.

Most of the teachers in the center has got a Master degree and are approved by ACTVET and have gone many training courses in The Mother Tongue Center. They all have got at least 5 years of experience in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers and they all have got an excellent cultural and experimental background enabling them to deal with learners from all nationalities, beliefs, levels and abilities.

Why Us?

  • whytmtcA long history of success
  • The Mother Tongue Center adopts the Modern Standard Arabic as the mediums with a simple comparison with local dialects, the thing that gives learners the ability to communicate with speakers of Arabic from all countries.
  • The maximum number of students per class is (10) to give a greater chance to learners to practice more and to have a more clear pronunciation.
  • The Mother Tongue Center helps learners to merge easily with local people in The United Arab Emirates which reflects better results at work.
  • The Mother Tongue Center is a specialized center only in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers the thing that provides a greater quality.
  • The Mother Tongue Center uses the most modern methods and equipment in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers using the (ILR) and (CEFR) standard in the division of our levels. The program has been checked and supervised by senior Arabic language professors.
  • Curricula of The Mother Tongue Center cover all learners’ needs adopting (Dewey Decimal System) in dividing the human knowledge topics.
  • The Mother Tongue Center uses Arabic language to teach Arabic as it is the target language.
  • Learning Arabic in The Mother Tongue Center is relatively short taking into account what the leaner gets in such a period.
  • Teachers in The Mother Tongue Center have got Masters Degrees and they have a long experience in this field. Teachers are well trained and qualified and they are approved by ACTVET
  • Throughout the courses, a special attention will be paid to the special vocabulary and expressions that employees need at work.
  • The educational process in The Mother Tongue Center is run and supported by the most modern interactive teaching equipment supported by visual and audible materials.
  • We do a periodical follow up for teachers’ performance through questionnaires filled by teachers and learners and through meetings held for the teachers to share their experiences, new ideas and methods in teaching.
  • Flexibility in classes’ schedules and the adjusting of your schedule even after you start the course if needed.
  • Providing detailed report about students’ attendance and results in addition to certificates.

Abu Dhabi

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