Considering the long working hours and the busy schedules for most of students enrolled in our courses, The Mother Tongue Center offers flexible programs in terms of content and schedules. There are also programs designed for full-time students so that they can move in their learning faster while preserving the high quality of education.

The Mother Tongue Center teaches Arabic to non-native speakers at all levels using the experience of its tutors and Al-kitab Al-Tamhidi and Al-lisan series in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers

The Mother Tongue Center adopts the (ILR) and the (CEFR) scales in dividing the levels of teaching a second language into 4 levels. These levels are also subdivided into smaller course to give more flexibility. These levels cover all topics of human knowledge depending on that on the Dewey Decimal System in the division of the topics of human knowledge.

coursesThe courses:

Arabic for Everyday Program
Advanced Learners Program
Conversation Courses
Arabic via Skype
Arabic For Diplomats & VIPs
Arabic for Business
Customized Courses
In-House Training