Arabic for Everyday Program

Join the most modern Arabic program designed by specialized professionals at the Mother Tongue Center.


This program focuses on teaching the modern standard Arabic related to everyday life. The program is suitable for individuals, groups and corporates. It helps learners engage in the Arabic society in general and the Emirati society in specific. At the end of this program learners should be able to:

  • Distinguish similar Arabic sounds and words.
  • Read and write basic Arabic words.
  • Compose simple sentences.
  • Comprehend and use Arabic both in writing and speaking in various everyday life situations.
  • Communicate with Arabs in an acceptable way.
  • Have an approach on the Arabs culture.
  • Make simple correspondences using general Arabic.

Program Types:

This program can be implemented through

  • Private courses
  • Semi-private courses
  • Group course inside/ outside the center

Program Duration:

The program is basically divided into 6 courses of 30 hours for group courses and 25 hours for private and semi-private courses.

There will be no requirement/ or placement test for level 1. A placement test is necessary for level 2 upwards.

All course schedules are subject to availability and can be changed, please contact the course administration for more details.

As for the private, semi-private courses and the courses sponsored by corporates, schedules will be flexible.

Levels of the program and the topics covered:

Level 1:

Main Topics:

The Arabic alphabet, pronunciation, reading and writing, numbers, simple questions, meeting and introducing new people, hellos and goodbyes, pronouns, comparing short vowels and long vowels, countries and languages, nationalities, travel, in the airport, in the train station, common social phrases.

Level 2:

Main Topics:

Transportation, directions, some prepositions, jobs and work, how to compose questions and how to answer questions, question words, phone calls, compound numbers, correspondence, members of the family, daily activities, time

Level 3:

Main Topics:

Clothes, shopping, in the restaurant, in the kitchen, time, dates and appointments, people’s adjectives, shape and appearance, shapes and colors, rooms and sections of a house, furniture, renting a house

Level 4:

Main Topics:

shopping, demonstrative pronouns, agreement and disagreement, a job interview, seasons, time and date, months, days of the week, height and weight, life in the countryside, life in the city, possessive pronouns, family life

Level 5:

Main Topics:

Senses, organs and parts of the human body, health, weather, animals, a parrot’s life

Level 6:

Main Topics:

In the hotel, a tour, relics and historical sites, occasions, a graduation party, festivals, in the hospital, in the clinic, ambition and wishing, the future

Important Notes:

There will be a test at the end of each level; pass mark is 60%. Students who pass the exam will get a certificate.

Corporates can get a detailed report on the attendance of the employees in addition to their final scores.